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lapide Paracchini-Maffioli

Tombstone of the partisans at Dongo’s graveyard.

Until 1995, Palazzo Manzi was home to the Como Resistance Museum, organized and run with dedication by the eponymous Associazione Museo della Resistenza Comasca of Dongo.

The museum featured relics, photographs, historical documents and informative displays on the Resistance movement of lake Como, with a special focus on the events that occurred in Dongo and its surrounds.

This new multimedia exhibition builds on the legacy of that simple museum, preserving a rich and important heritage of memoirs and documents at risk of being lost forever.

It is with this spirit that the End of WWII Museum hopes to give vividness and voice to a fading memory of Liberation, through the use of modern interactive technology and a language that can speak to younger generations.